Bulk Materials Blending & Drying
How it works
Vacuum tumble drying of materials is accomplished by heating the walls of a specially jacketed, slowly rotating vessel while applying vacuum. The vacuum lowers the boiling point of the liquid component, while constant particle contact with the vessel walls provides fast heat input for quick, uniform drying action. The closed tumble vessel provides constant motion in a controlled atmosphere. This prevents lumping, segregation, and active ingredient migration. This simple concept of applying heat and vacuum forms the basis of GEMCO’s full line of Tumble Dryers, Blenders, and Formulators. All are available in V -Shape, D/3 Double-Cone, and Slant-Cone designs.
Dryers – Gentle Material Drying
The basic GEMCO Tumble Dryer is the initial product in this versatile line. The vessel is first charged with material then rotated at low speed (normally from 2-5 RPM) while heat from 120° - 500° F and vacuum is applied. The gentle tumbling action provides maximum particle contact with the vessel walls for maximum drying efficiency. Cooling systems are available to reduce material temperature after drying as required by the process, or for faster unloading and handling safety.All GEMCO Dryers are available with optional agitators to prevent lumping and caking during drying.
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