Bulk Materials Blending & Drying
Blenders - Dryers – Blend and Dry in ONE Operation
A GEMCO Blender-Dryer is a dryer with an added variable speed drive system which provides the capability of rotating at the higher speeds (normally 5-20 RPM) required for effective blending. The system can be used to blend materials before or after drying. The system is versatile enough to be used simply as a Tumble Blender, or a Tumble Dryer or as a combined Blender-Dryer - all depending upon the product. Agitators are installed when required.
Formulators - Total Material Processing for Granulators and Agglomerations
GEMCO Formulators are Blender-Dryers with liquid addition capabilities. The system provides the ability to blend, add liquids (several different liquids can be added sequentially or together), agglomerate, dry, and cool-down - ALL IN ONE UNIT!
ALL WITHOUT wasted hours of intermediate product handling!
ALL WITHOUT employee exposure to noxious or toxic fumes!
ALL WITHOUT outside contamination and/or spillage!
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