About Us
            A   business   development   and   applications   engineering   firm   representing   manufacturers   of     process    equipment    and    systems.    Chemical    engineering    combined    with    graduate    work    in business/science    provide    the    basic    technical    foundation    for    our    application    engineering    and process development perspective.             Founded   in   1974   the   company   has   focused   primarily   on   the   dry   materials   processing   systems area    and    process    development    associated    with    those    systems.    However,    liquid    processing systems   have   always   played   a   significant   role   in   our   activities.   Our   current   primary   market   areas are pharmaceutical, biotech, nutraceuticals, food, and speciality chemicals.          We   specialize   in   system   conceptual   development   and   definition   followed   by   the   supply   of equipment   to   bring   those   concepts   to   realization.   In   selected   situations   we   facilitate   an   installed system by partnering with qualified contractors.          Specific   areas   of   technical   expertise   are   particle   size   reduction,   size   classification,   particle morphology,   granulation   and   agglomeration,   mixing   &   blending,   feeding,   proportioning,   process isolation   &   containment,   encapsulation,   pneumatic   conveying,   bulk   materials   handling,   mechanical conveying,   packaging,   air   pollution   control,   solid/liquid   separation,   magnetic   separation   in   the   food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, speciality chemicals, mineral processing, and related fields.          Our   focused   specialized   technology   marketing   area   encompasses   California,   Utah,   Nevada   & Arizona. Our office is located in Novato, CA .
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